Blue valley west homework

Blue valley west homework

Blue Valley West high school address by Cameron Burris 2017

Posted October 19, Submitted by other in this school the academics and staff are exponential. For a fair to middling student, there is not much individual attention. My opinion is that the Block Schedule that West uses is detrimental to students. Posted December 31, Submitted by a parent I have had two children graduate from Blue Valley — one from BVHS and one from BVWHS. I honestly hate the people in this school. West’s block scheduling allowed for individualized instruction and a variety of teaching approaches.

The kids here live in a perfect little bubble. There are SO many activities to choose from, including the amazing band, theatre, and arts programs, that I think it’s more difficult NOT to fit in Around Blue Valley West High School Browse popular neighborhoods, cities and ZIP codes around Blue Valley West High School. The spirit here is outstanding; I’ve never seen so many people so proud to be a part of a school.

Our kid drive up in his old beater car, like all 16 year olds should drive and was made to feel utterly ashamed at this school. All three were encouraged to perform at their highest capabilities and did. Posted December 14, Submitted by a parent Worst school. It can be fine for the right people but for less outgoing kiddos–it’s just a little overwhelming in my opinion. Do not and will not miss this school. Posted April 14, Submitted by a student I’m a student at West this year and I have to admit that I love it!

Posted June 20, Submitted by other Blue Valley West is filled entirely with cliques and focuses all too much on sports. Blue Valley is for you!

While I hated my elementary school and middle school with a passion, I discovered there was no school quite like BV West. Students would be told one thing, and then when the students would rely on what they were told, the requirements would be changed without notice. I have never hated a school and staff so much in my life.

I feel extremely prepared for college and the opportunities I got from the activities were phenomenal, marching band in particular. Only a year late!

The oldest graduated in , while the youngest graduated in


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